minimalism at home: good thoughts from others


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I’ve had a great time writing through the month of October with The Nester’s 31 Days Challenge. It’s also been encouraging and inspiring to read the wise words of others. here are a few posts that have resonated with me, as I think about home and keeping it simple.

Hayley at The Tiny Twig is doing a redo of her No Brainer Wardrobe series. I like this post and her idea that Abundance will NOT give you great outfits. Abundance will only give you a full closet.

Edie at Life(in)Grace has talked this month about More and Less. Her post on More Order in the Closet came at just the right time. And just today, she posted about her pantry. My favorite line was her disclaimer at the bottom: “Remember, all of this organization and beautifying is so we can make our kitchens places of nourishment for the body and soul.”

Nester’s series on Home:Uncomplified has been beautiful. Her simple, thoughtful posts always give me something to mill around in my head. I really loved her words in this post about seasonal decorating. “Why did I spend money on pretend things when the real thing is right in my backyard? I still want to be able to walk into my home and know what season that is, but I don’t need to rely on a bunch of items made in China.”

Y’all know how I feel about my sweet Ellen. You can’t read her words without being moved. I am so blessed to call her a dear friend. She’s been writing this month about hope and it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite post. This one really pulled on my heart strings. Also? Check out her bathroom. (I told her not to come looking for me if that little blue table goes missing.)

I can’t let this post pass by without also sending you to read the blogs of Kristi and Kitty. They are both real-life friends and their posts this month have really fed my soul. Being part of a church plant myself, reading Kristi’s words have been really inspiring. And spending time with college girls a little makes me love and appreciate the gospel work that Kitty pours her life into each day.


This is day 24 in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism.


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