closet clean out.

allie mac top


Me and my girlies ready for a night out. I’m wearing my Lawson Top handmade just for me by Allie Mac Designs. I always feel like a million bucks when I wear this shirt.

I spent time this weekend doing every mom’s favorite job: the seasonal clothing change-out. Now it’s time to work on my closet. I don’t have too much seasonal change out because many of my things go year round, but I know I have too many clothes.

Probably 30% of what’s in there I don’t wear or wear very rarely, but I’m having a hard time parting with it. I can’t figure out why. Sentimental attachment? Holding out for a few pounds lost? It was such a good deal? It’s a nice brand?

Clothing is the most challenging part of minimalism for me. (Well that and my slight obsession with dishware.) I think there may be some fear involved: what if I get rid of that black dress (that I have worn once in the last eight years) and then I don’t have it if I need it (which I likely never will)? Facing reality about these (very minor in the grand scheme) things really shouldn’t be taking up so much thought. When in doubt, toss it out, right?

One thing I am trying to change is my mindset about what I buy. The things in my closet that I love the most and enjoy wearing aren’t the things that I got on a great sale. They aren’t the Target t-shirts and flats. They aren’t from the Loft clearance rack . They are the more unique pieces that may have cost a little more, but are worth every penny. I’m trying to move away from compromising quality or buying things because they’re cheap- and moving towards more thoughtful and meaningful purchases.  (starting with eliminating mom jeans from my wardrobe. this is a must read.)

If you want to make a meaningful purchase, check out my awesome friend Allie Mac. She puts heart and soul into every stitch and every. single. time. I wear something she’s made for me, I get stopped and complimented and asked about what I’m wearing. I’ve started carrying her business cards to hand out! Here’s her site.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to get ruthless on my closet.



Day 21 of 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. Start here to read from the beginning.


One response to “closet clean out.

  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I am totally all for buying the special pieces and cutting back on the “compromising quality and buying the cheaper stuff.” I do buy my tshirts at Target, Old Navy or Ann Taylor. And my side of the closet is the smallest. I try to buy wisely. Knowing that I am going to wear it until I can’t anymore;)
    Allie Mac
    Your número uno.

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