fear and input.


detaching from input for a few days can do good things for your heart and mind. one thing I’ve realized this week is that sometimes input can create specific types of fear: fear of missing out on something. fear of getting behind on keeping up with the input. fear of letting people down by not producing input.

I’ve spent this week not checking facebook. and I haven’t missed much.

I haven’t looked at Instagram in six days. and I haven’t missed much.

I’ve probably missed 50 blog posts via Feedly. and I haven’t missed much.

Sure, I’ve probably missed some {interesting, encouraging, cool, yummy} things. but nothing that really matters in the short-term. the blogs of people I actually know and love, I’ve continued to read with intention. But the other blogs, the home and recipes and how-tos …. life has kept on ticking and I’m not behind on any of it. I know I’ve missed some pictures of a friend bringing her new baby home from Uganda- and I’m looking forward to catching up on her news and pictures. Now THAT matters!!

Those sources of input can be fun, refreshing, life-giving and entertaining. Within good boundaries, they can have a place in a life of purpose and productivity. For me, I think there can be a spot for a little input, as long as it doesn’t lead to compulsive checking. But I don’t need to go looking for things that invoke fear in my heart and mind.

Could you detach for a few days? What’s the worst that could happen?


This is day sixteen of 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism, a series I’m writing alongside 1500 other bloggers through the month of October. 


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