input: a balanced perspective


After yesterday’s post, my friend Suzannah sent me a text with some great thoughts about what input looks like in her daily life. I wanted to share it with you, and hopefully implement this style into my life as well. From Suz:

Love your perspective and it’s funny, because your mindless consumption could equal my thoughtful living.

Example…When I get up, in that quiet time before everyone else needs me, I check my Instagram, Facebook, and feedly. I get caught up on what’s important to my friends and in the world. (Well, limited world perspective, admittedly).

Later, around 10, after I’ve taught my 3rd and 5th graders, I have a 45 minute planning period before my 4th graders come. Rather than jump right into copies, emails, planning, restroom breaks, etc, I take 10-15 minutes and check my phone. What cute baby pics have popped up on Instagram that make me smile?  What recipes on Feedly look promising for next week?

Then I play my daily Set game, and by totally checking out for a short while, I am refreshed and ready to move to bring productive again.

Sometimes a mindful mindless break is what I need to refocus me, you know? Of course, my time is limited by my schedule so I CAN’T get sucked down a wormhole of links and comments. But I feel like giving myself 10-15 minutes every few hours helps me focus and be less distracted when I’m away from that “input”.

It’s not all bad, as you disclaimed – it’s all about managing it. And that might include some mindful mindlessness!


This is day fifteen in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism.



5 responses to “input: a balanced perspective

  1. I love Suz’s perspective, too. I like the 15 mins of time for me that helps me focus on the task at hand. I think that your perspective can depend on your temperment, your level of self-discipline, season of life, etc. So there isn’t a ‘right’ answer, just really great input that helps get my brain going about what’s right for me right now. For school we tend to have an hour of work and 15 mins of play. I work just so I can play, pretty much. 🙂 Again, I love the ideas and they help me to hone a schedule for me that is realistic for my life and makes sure I add in those perks that make it fun!

  2. Goodness, this Suz sounds like a wise woman. She is probably not eating dinner in front of her computer this very minute like, uh, some of us might be.

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