input: why i quit blogging.

reading girlI started blogging a few years ago because I felt like I needed to be heard, validated, understood,  known and loved.

My kids would say, “Mama, take a picture of this for your blog!”- hoping for a spot on the posting schedule. Their awareness of the time Mama spent taking and downloading pictures and writing began to disturb me. I didn’t want to believe it consumed any significant amount of time in our day, but in reality, it did. This is partially because I am not tech savvy enough to know how to quickly upload pictures and insert them. But also, every minute at the computer seemed to melt into an hour or more, spent sitting and scrolling, clicking, just checking.


The bottom line is this: I was missing out on what mattered most. Blogging was the pinhole in the pail of my day. I loved the feedback I received. I constantly checked the stats to see my blog traffic. It was instant validation. It was an open forum to share my heart to total strangers, and yet most of what I posted, I didn’t even talk to my own family about.

I didn’t want to hear again the harsh reality of my children saying to me, “Mama, you’re always on the computer.” That phrase used to make me really angry. Why? Because it was true.

Last week I feel like I came face to face with some realities in my life about my relationship with food. It’s led to some simple changes that have already been so life-giving. This week, because my little hand-held idol isn’t attached to me, I’m seeing how compulsively and mindlessly I consume input. These days spent without checking blogs on feedly or instagram or facebook have been completely liberating. 

I don’t want input to make me miss a childhood. I want the freedom and joy that come from embracing what’s real.


This is day fourteen in a month long series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. 

{disclaimer: I love reading blogs.  I love blogging. And I love instagram and feedly and I mildly like facebook. I’m definitely not hating on them or trying to condemn anyone for reading them. This is my journey towards thoughtful living, instead of mindless consumption. Just sayin.}

3 responses to “input: why i quit blogging.

  1. I understand perfectly- I got off facebook, no long drawnout stuff taking me from family time, anymore. MamaPat

    On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 5:37 PM,

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  3. This choice is one of the things I admire most about you.

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