input as life source.

mason jar chandelier

not all input is bad. some can be inspirational. i’m totally copying this pinterest inpired mason jar chandelier… one day.

You are known and loved.

You don’t need media input to be understood, known, appreciated, validated, accepted, or loved. You already are. Knowing this can free you to be inspired and encouraged by what you read, instead of looking for it to be a source of life to you.

I’m spending some time this weekend deleting sources of media input that aren’t life-giving.  I’m also deleting a bunch of email subscriptions  from places that fill my inbox daily and take up brain space in the processing of input. Yes, even Groupon. I don’t need to spend time thinking about spending money on something I didn’t know I needed.{hurry! ends today! act now! don’t miss this deal!}

What source of input can you delete today? What will you gain from letting it go?


This is day twelve in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism.

You might be interested in this post about how media input can steal your joy.


2 responses to “input as life source.

  1. LOVE! LOVE! this series……I take great JOY in deleting…..unsubscribing….unplugging…..glad to know i’m not alone

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