input as escape.

escapeI wrote this a year ago and shared it with my writing partner, Ellen. I intended to post it but then I quit blogging (more on that later this week)– my eyes were opened to how much I was using input to escape. and this was before i had an iPhone. It’s a real struggle for me. Hope it will encourage and inspire you.

Way of Escape

i just survived a trip to the store with all three kids. we’re home and the heavy bags have been brought in and set on the kitchen floor, ready to be unloaded. fridge, pantry waiting to be filled.

but. first i just need to check my email. no, i’m not waiting on any urgent information or special invitation. not looking for a reply or news.

just checking. feedly. facebook. pinterest.

i don’t want to face the tasks at hand. the present needs. the bag unloading. eggs and spinach and cereal in their place. move the laundry. start the lessons. sweep. straighten.

just checking. twitter. instagram.

i want to transcend responsibility and slip away into another place that carries me off with each click. the words. the pictures. the ideas.

a way of escape from those bags. those piles. those needs.

a way of escape that harmlessly fills me and subtly empties me all at once. where present needs are pushed aside by the new, the exciting, the different.

the other.

anything other than this.

this is the lie of just checking: what’s there will give me a way of escape.

it’s just that- a lie. there is no escape. only the harsh reality that just checking is no different than getting a fix, taking a hit.

i’m hooked on the escape. I need it.

here’s the hope of the way of escape: we already have a way of escape. God promises that when we are tempted, He will provide the way out. I don’t need to click. I don’t need to just check. I just need Him.


This is day eleven in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. there are over 1500 writers sharing their thoughts for 31 days this month.


5 responses to “input as escape.

  1. Yes! I totally agree – I wrote about this disease of busyness and always doing everything but the one thing we need – time with Him!

  2. You know how I love this. I’m so glad for the way you think!

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