31 Days: Week Two: Input.

{We’re going to flip flop today’s post and tomorrow’s… still waiting on a few of my ‘vegan for a day’ people to report- winner will be announced tomorrow! – for now, here’s our theme for this week.}

rest time

Every day. Every where we go. Every moment. There is an opportunity for input. Billboards. Radio. TV. Internet. Blogs. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram …. there is no end to the list of ways we can feed ourselves with information and entertainment.

It’s exhausting.

As my wise friend Ellen said at a women’s event this summer, we are too available. We are accessible all the time. We, at any moment, can be connected with anyone, anywhere. It’s an amazing thought, actually. Our phones, ipads and computers hold access to anyone we want to talk to and anything we need to know. Hours and hours of our days are spent processing input.

We’ll talk this week about input and I’ll share some things I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m traveling today through the weekend so I may need some grace if my posts are delayed. Also the internet here is super spotty. I’ll chalk that up to God’s good providence.

My challenge to myself is to spend the whole week detached from Facebook, Feedly and Instagram. I’m not a huge facebook user but Feedly and Instagram are on my phone and I have found myself checking them multiple times an hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Last week showed me what I could do without regarding food. I practiced mindful minimalism by eliminating a few things from my diet. This week, I’m going to mindfully minimize my constant sources of input. My heart and my brain need a rest.  I’m also going to change my input, reading a few books to discuss later this month. Join me? 


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