unprocessed: final thoughts

juiceit’s been a great week. I am challenged and reassured.

I’ve seen that overall our diet is good: whole, clean foods with little junk.

I’ve seen that a little treat now and then isn’t so bad. it’s when it becomes the norm vs. the exception that I get into trouble (and my pants don’t fit.)

I’ve realized that I pretty much eat all the time and don’t let myself get hungry. I settle for the quick fix.

I’ve learned that I don’t drink enough water.

I’ve learned that I can live without processed food like Asian Style Soy Nuggets but that canned tomatoes, boxed pasta and corn tortillas are a huge blessing.

I’m learning to choose freedom over the food fight.

This is day eight in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. Read the whole series here.



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