vegan for a day.

cookbooksJust a question: could you be vegan for a day?

A whole day without half and half in your coffee. No eggs for breakfast. No cheese or mayo on your sandwich. No chicken or beef for supper. A day full of nothing but plants… could you do it?

Would you be willing to try it? If you are, and you’ll comment on your experience here, I’ll send one commenter a batch of delicious homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies. {US Residents only. This challenge lasts through Tuesday, October 8th at midnight.}

What if you tried it for a week? Check out Zen Habits’ 7 Day Vegan Challenge
It’s got everything you need to get started.


This is day six in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. 


5 responses to “vegan for a day.

  1. I can do it for a day! I think. No further promises however!

  2. I’m in! (For a day, not a week!)

  3. Oh girl, yes!

  4. A day in the life of a vegan
    8:00 am: Realize that Jiff Peanut Butter with Honey is not Vegan. Looks like I’m fasting until lunch. Good thing coffee’s vegan.
    1:25 pm: Mention to my coworkers that I’m heading to lunch and they ask where. No one takes me up on my lunch invitation so I rush off to the vegan cafe.
    1:30 pm: Starving. I park and rush for the door, but not fast enough to miss the “Pork chops stop a beating heart” car in the parking lot. It’s parked two spots down from the BMW with leather seats. These vegan folk sure are a diverse lot.
    1:50 pm: My philly cheese steak arrives. It has no steak, no cheese, and we’re a long way from Pennsylvania, but it tastes amazing. The candied yams on the side rival Grandma’s. I leave stuffed; I’ll be back again, even if I don’t stay vegan.
    2:25 pm: Back at work, I suddenly have to defend my lunch choice. I’m trying this diet for one day and I still get smart remarks and smirks. But I feel fine, I’m full, and so its the smart remarks that are the most unsettling. Mention you’re trying a vegan diet and everyone suspects you’re a paint-throwing member of PETA.
    6:15 pm: Back home, ready for dinner but feeling normal so far. I grabbed some vegan Oreos and Erin made a great pasta/tomato dinner.
    9:00 pm: Beer time. Not sure I could go gluten free, but vegan? Not so bad.

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