settling v. mindful consumption

BBQ Chips


I took the time this morning to grind beans, and brew my own little cup of coffee with my reusable k-cup.  I took the first sip and was struck by how delicious it was. As much as I love the ease of the disposable pods, it was a reminder of how often I settle when it comes to food.

We live in a world of convenience and efficiency. Food is no exception, and sometimes those cans and boxes and frozen bags can be perfect for a quick supper or snack. I’ll keep using them occasionally when this week is over. But letting myself get hungry, limiting snacks and going without processed food this week has made me realize how quickly I retreat to the pantry when the tiniest twinge of hunger strikes.  I settle for the quick fix, the easy to grab, the whatever-makes-this-hunger-go-away.

This week has made me aware of some habits that I want to change. If I’m hungry at the grocery store, I’ll grab a granola bar and a coffee to have on the way home. If a meal is an hour away and I’m hungry now, I’ll eat now and again in an hour. If I’m sitting down reading or working, I want a cold drink and a crunchy, salty snack. I have at least 3-4 between meal handfuls of something. I don’t think I realized until now that I’m eating all the time.

In letting myself get really hungry between meals this week, my food tastes even better. I savor every bite. My one snack a day really satisfies and tides me over. I’m consuming food mindfully, not settling for something that doesn’t really nourish. I don’t want a food fight. I want freedom.

This is day five in a series: 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. Start here to read from the beginning.



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