We’ve been plant-based for a little over a year now.  We’ve sought to try to eat clean, whole foods as much as possible. But not even vegans are exempt from the abundant supply of packaged convenience foods. And some foods are ‘accidentally’ vegan (like Oreos) but y’all know that doesn’t equal healthy.

I’m focusing this week on seeking to eat foods in their natural state as much as possible. To be truly plant-based. Striving to make things by hand rather than grabbing the package or can. To eat things with just a handful of ingredients that I understand, rather than a long list of words I have no clue what they mean. (For example, the ingredient list of those tasty Vegan Nuggets above was l-o-n-g)

There are a few things in my diet that could stand to be reduced or eliminated. So this week I’m going without them:
Diet Coke
Soy Creamer
Processed Sugar
Enriched Flour
Faux/Soy-Based Meats

KCups? Yes. Because I love coffee and I don’t want to take advantage of this little convenience. I’m going to grind my own beans and use my removable k-cup filter. I want to be mindful of the blessings of popping a 40 cent pod into my keurig.

I was also going to eliminate avocado because some plant based proponents advocate for low fat eating too. But I can’t because HELLO I’ve already given up bacon and pimento cheese and WHAT ELSE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?

I’ll make a few exceptions this week too. Like almond milk, vegetable broth and peanut butter. Because I’ve got two precious nephews staying with me this week while their mama rests from a new baby and I just don’t think I can manage to make my own milk and boil my own broth. We’ll see about that. And my peanut butter is just peanuts and salt. I can live with that. (Also I forgot to grind my own at Whole Foods when I shopped on Monday.)

Lastly, I’m going to teach myself again to be hungry. I’ve fallen into the trail mix and crackers a little too frequently. Mindlessly snacking instead of thoughtfully consuming each meal. So I’m going to juice for one meal a day (with my new-to-me juicer) and enjoy our fave carrot-apple-kale juice. I will also limit myself to one snack a day, which must be homemade and has to incorporate a fresh fruit or vegetable.

Oh, and I’ll be trying to drink more water too. (Does anyone else have days where it’s 4 pm and you realize you’ve had two cups of coffee and a diet coke and not a single drop of water?)

One Week Unprocessed. What could you live without for a week?

This is Day Two in a series called 31 Days of Mindful Minimalism. Find posts from other 31 Days writers here.


10 responses to “Unprocessed.

  1. You always inspire me to think about things I wouldn’t. I love the thought processes you get cranking in my mind. I love it! Praying for your week!

  2. I keep a Tupperware in my freezer of random veggie scraps or things wilting that I’m not going to be able to use. Then when I have enough I make broth and freeze it in 2 cup freezer baggies. Super easy and yum! Good luck without your afternoon Diet Coke!

  3. I have been having way too many days lately of arriving to the late afternoon only to realize that my water intake was basically nonexistent – too much coffee, not enough water. I love your approach to this series, and I very much look forward to following along. I’m off now to ponder what I could do w/out for a week – thanks for the motivation!

  4. First of all, yes to everything Shauna wrote.

    Second of all, I love that you are letting yourself be hungry. It’s amazing how quickly we run from that but how fruitful it can be. Praying for you!

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