31 Days: Mindful Minimalism


31 days. it will be short, sweet and simple I think. it’s something i’ve wanted to do since it started a few years ago but I always talked myself out of it. gosh, it’s been so long since i blogged that wordpress has changed its format. nonetheless, we’ll forge ahead together.

but then my friend made me a button. and i couldn’t say no.

i’ll spend some time this month focusing on different ways to streamline life and focus on what really matters… with stuff, food, time, and input. it will be a personal challenge. i feel like i’ve stripped my life down in so many ways already, but I think there’s more to give. i’m ready to look deeper and live thoughtfully. what about you?



6 responses to “31 Days: Mindful Minimalism

  1. Great idea! I’m excited to see the updates and ideas. Take care,

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  3. Can’t wait to see what you share over the next 30 days!

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