a taste surprise!

My kids are always curious early in the day about what’s for dinner. They’re like their mama, wanting to think it over and dream about it all day long.

I have always loved brussels sprouts, even from childhood, when my very clever mother tricked us into eating them by calling them cabbagettes. We loved cabbage, so we knew we’d love little baby cabbages! Score one for mom.

Last week, I was planning to make these roasted brussels sprouts for our dinner. Ginny said, “Mama, what do brussels sprouts taste like?” … As I began to answer her, she covered her ears and said, “No, wait! Don’t tell me! I want to have a taste surprise!” Sweet girl. She gobbled them up that night.


One response to “a taste surprise!

  1. That’s so great – glad she liked them! 🙂

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