life lately

…left y’all hanging, didn’t I? Didn’t mean to.  Here’s the not-so-short version of our past few months:

Our house is off the market. We went from May to August with only a handful of showings and mostly only calls from agents (we were selling by owner). I really couldn’t believe it or understand it, our house is adorable and priced well for the neighborhood.  I alternated between being elated not to have to keep my house perfect and offended that no one wanted to buy it! We prayed all along that God would put us exactly where He wanted us to be used for His kingdom and we can rest in knowing that He has us here in this sweet place for a while longer.

I met my only two summer goals: I joined Pinterest and read the Hunger Games trilogy. Oddly enough, I devoured the books but haven’t gotten sucked into the Pinterest craziness (yet).

We had a great summer. The first part flew by and July brought lazy summer days, pool time and mama finding her way on her yoga mat. After nagging pain for three months, a diagnosis of hip bursitis and a cortisone shot to the rear,  I’ve hung up the running shoes and am working on greater strength and flexibility. With yoga and this fabulous quick workout, I’m feeling better already.

We spent 10 precious days in the mountains, the first few were spent with friends, including a bear sighting while I was walking with Liz (simultaneous reaction #1: Oh, Cool! A bear! – Simulaneous reaction #2: Oh, &*%! a BEAR!!) (we survived, aren’t you relieved?) and staying up late to lay out on the deck covered in blankets watching a meteor shower. Amazing. Sweet time on the deck, great conversation, delicious food and lots of encouragement and laughs.

After our friends left, it was just the 5 of us for a week, which had us day tripping to Boone/Blowing Rock once, Asheville twice  with brunch at Table and a visit to Biltmore House. For some reason I am fascinated with the stories of historical people like the Vanderbilts, so as I held the rails of the stairway or stood by a mantle while passing through a room on the tour, I couldn’t help but think back on who may have stood in that very spot or run their hand down that rail one hundred years ago.

We stayed outside all day every day, it seemed. The weather never got above 80 degrees all week.  Though I often grieve the departure of ‘babyhood’ in our family, it is fun to see our kids grow up and be able to enjoy adventures sans stroller and naps. We hiked from the peak of Mt. Mitchell to the peak of Mt. Craig (amazing views), went tubing on the Toe River (brrr! and fun!), and ate pizza at Spruce Pine’s local spot two nights in a row (it really is that good.)

We came home and did a few days of school, then Scott and I got to enjoy a weekend away at the  Grove Park Inn in Asheville. It was a work weekend for Scott, but thankfully we still got to enjoy lots of time together. We ate lunch at the Laughing Seed and it made my heart and tummy so happy. Eating well and healthy is so easy in Asheville, where local and organic and vegan/vegetarian menus are more common than kids menus! We enjoyed a wonderful, challenging hike Saturday afternoon on a section of the Art Loeb Trail by the Shining Rock Wilderness. The views were open 360 degrees and breathtaking at every turn. My legs were sore the next day and it hurt so good. Dinner at Table again… and may possibly go down as the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously.

I even got to score an unplanned extra night with Scott at the Grove Park!! …But only because I’d spent Sunday afternoon and half the night with Ginny at the ER. I left Asheville Sunday to join my kids at the mountain house (my parents were keeping them for the weekend) and just 5 minutes before I arrived, Ginny had crashed on her scooter and split her chin. Though we could have just gone to the local hospital, we wanted her to be seen and stitched by a plastic surgeon so we hopped right back in the car and headed BACK to Asheville to the ER. God showed His great mercy and care for our little Bug in giving us a 5th year facial trauma resident to fix her up. Poor baby had to be put to sleep to be able to get it done. But she’s good as new now! Her favorite memories are getting to ride in a taxi to the hotel, sleeping in a big hotel bed with mama and daddy, and eating every soft food that the breakfast buffet had to offer.

And now we’re halfway into September and finding a groove with life. Scott started classes- he is now officially halfway done with seminary, two years down and two to go, Lord willing- and the kids and I are enjoying school at home and lots of backyard play, mid-morning bike rides and time with friends.

Scott and I are seeking to live a more disciplined, balanced and healthy life so that’s involved some schedule and lifestyle changes that I’ll be sharing about soon. Let’s just say it involves alarm clocks, mountain bikes and tofu.

My hope and goal is to learn to make time to write here. My thoughts are still swirling, my heart is still full, and yet the pull of life keeps me away at times.  So my swirling brain can remember, here are some posts bouncing around in my mind:

-how forks over knives changed everything
-our homeschool curriculum for this year
-making our own margins and white space, inpired by this book
-a simple birthday/christmas wishlist (by simple I mean Vitamix)
-my quirks and collections
-the fine line of packaging words with disclaimers
-two new recipes

we’ll see how far we make it with these. ellen and I have been meeting and writing some, too, and if i get really brave I’ll share that with you. real heart stuff.

it’s a small corner of the world I have here, but I’m thankful to have you on the journey with me.


2 responses to “life lately

  1. Glad you’re back! It’s going to be hard for me to be your #1 commentor for a 2nd year in a row if I don’t have anything to comment on.

  2. Hi, Sweet Sista–your big bro happened upon your blog via your VEGAN announcement on FB–wow!! (does that mean I can’t get your famous chicken/bacon chowder recipe?!!) All to say, I was so happy to “catch up w/ you” through your amazing blog! So many wonderful moments and insights. Makes me wish we could hang out more:) miss y’all! love to all your peeps!

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