Five Homeschool Classroom Essentials

It’s baaaack…. school time! I am not ashamed to say it, I straight up LOVE back-to-school shopping. And now that I’m teaching at home, my school supply obsession has doubled. Remember this commercial? My theme song right now.

By the way, have you ever seen this site? Hilarious. Here’s my idea: Hey Girl. Nothing gets me in the mood like watching you read curriculum catalogs before bed. Seriously, you know you’ve crossed over to complete homeschool nerd mom when that’s what you do before the lights go out.

Annnnywayyy, here’s a helpful list from our school to yours of five things you’ll want to be sure to have in your homeschool classroom, or have handy for your little pupils no matter where and how they do school!

Jars. Any kind will do, and an eclectic mix looks great. I just rinse and reuse old peanut butter jars, olive jars, etc. I’ve learned that keeping crayons upright in a smaller jar (like Bonne Maman) keeps them from breaking and you ending up with a bin full of broken crayons. Jars make it easy for your kids to transport the necessary supplies to and from their workspace. I prefer this method to a caddy with all the supplies, so only what’s needed gets moved, leaving the remaining supplies available for someone else. One day when I can get desks for all my kiddos (and me) I’d love for them to each have a little jar collection.

Date Stamper. This may seem luxurious (or lazy) but it has made it easier for us to stay organized with our paperwork all year long. Plus, don’t you just feel important when you get to stamp something? The one we bought had six or seven years on it, so it will last a while, and the ink is easy to replace (though I have had one for two years and haven’t replaced the ink.)

Electric Pencil Sharpener. It may be a stretch, but you’ll want to invest in a good quality sharpener. This little machine is a classroom workhorse. Regular pencils get a lot of use at our house, but the colored pencils get a heavy duty daily workout, so we  are glad to have something that can handle serious usage.

Letter Trays and Three Ring Binders. It’s hard to keep all the textbooks, workbooks and papers organized and in good shape for the whole school year. This system has worked really well for both me and the kids. Their daily use workbooks stay on their shelves. I keep the paperwork to be done on my shelf in binders by subject. As they finish work, it gets date stamped and filed in the appropriate binder on their shelf. At the end of the school year, I put the completed work in manila folders in a file box for storage, and we reuse the binders. I bought cheap letter trays which work fine for the kids’ small workbooks but I am going to get more heavy duty ones for my giant teacher manuals!

Three Hole Punch. Don’t burden yourself with the single hole puncher. You’re going to be putting papers in binders all year. Go ahead and get a good one. Kids love to be the ones to empty it (and they get a great ‘practical life’ lesson in vacuuming afterwards!)

Things we also love: our Dry Erase/Chalkboard Easel, Laminator, Rain Gutter Wall Shelves, and fun games (post about that forthcoming)!

What ‘must haves’ are in your classroom?


One response to “Five Homeschool Classroom Essentials

  1. okay- that gosling site is about THE funniest. too true!

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