state of the union: marriage

Blue Ridge Parkway, Spring Break 2012

We just celebrated our 12th anniversary in May. When I posted about our 11th anniversary, I said we were stronger than ever and it was true. But as I look back on another year I am thankful for the ways God has continued to knit us together.

Two years ago, the Lord was softening my heart and preparing me to be a seminary wife. (Now He’s working on the ‘preparing me to be a pastor’s wife’ situation.)  Little did I know that two months after he started classes we’d be homeschooling, too. And then we’d be thinking about joining a church plant. And then we’d be putting our house on the market.

All aboard the Crazy Train!!

I know it all really does sound crazy but I’ll tell you why it hasn’t felt that way one. single. bit. … we’re on the same page.

What do I mean by that? Well for the early part of our married life, we enjoyed the ease and pleasure of not really having much to differ in opinion about. I mean, not much beyond “I’d rather have a Rush’s Cheeseburger for dinner” vs. “But I really was hoping we could pick up Mellow Mushroom instead.”

Then as the Lord gave us more time together, He began to peel back the thick layers around our hearts, revealing stubborn wills (mostly mine) and more reasons for us to want to dig in and get our way.

But- the more years we are married, the peeling back still continues but it also gives us the opportunity to grow, be transformed and to be willing to yield to one another in places that we differ. There has been such a joy in desiring to be on the same page as we tackle the challenges of life. There is peace knowing that the undercurrent of our marriage is one of harmony instead of discord.

Certainly there are times when we differ and struggle to see eye to eye. We are grown up toddlers who must choose daily to submit ourselves to God’s authority in our lives. We pray for the Lord to melt our strong wills into His. And every day, though we fail frequently, we are met with the grace of God poured into our brokenness. We are given the gift of His unconditional love toward us, which compels to choose compassion with one another.

We promised to love, honor and cherish til death do us part and I am so thankful to be married to a man who chooses daily to love me selflessly, to bear up under my many weaknesses, to encourage me in the Gospel and to partner with me in the joys and struggles of life.  He also smells really good and is incredibly handsome.

I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather sit next to on the Crazy Train!


2 responses to “state of the union: marriage

  1. And may the God of love continue to bless you both in your life together! We love you so! – MomAli and DadBerry

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