homeschooling, part 2: adventures and activities

We definitely stayed busy this year… it sometimes feels like we are rarely ‘home’ to actually homeschool! Here are some highlights:

Colonial Days at the Living History Park in North Augusta, SC

Touring the new Greek Orthodox church at the Greek Festival

Fall Baseball for Jack…. roll Tide!

American Heritage Girls for Molly

Fall Art Class for Jack and Molly at Tag It Art

Clase de Espanol con Senora Nunez ~ part of our Wednesday Co-Op

Veterans Day Parade- Molly marched with Heritage Girls

Several fun trips to Riverbanks Zoo (even better with Cousin Sawyer!)

Gymnastics for Molly

Visit to the State House (to see Daddy at work in the lobby) – when Jack was little he called it the “Steak House”… love that.

On this visit to the Steak House, Scott’s boss, Representative Atwater, took Jack to the floor to be introduced and meet the Speaker of the House.

Spring Art Class at Tag It Art

Strawberry picking with buddies (and making this dressing– YUM!)

Science Co-Op with friends… here we are playing “Hibernate/Migrate” (aka Red Light/Green Light) as part of our unit on Animals.

Butterfly Class at Clemson Extension… part of our science unit on Insects

Spring Baseball for Jack

Ginny finishes preschool!

Whew!! We had a fun school year but definitely plan to scale back the activities in a MAJOR way next year. It’s a hard balance in wanting to give your kids opportunities to grow and learn but also to avoid burnout. Almost every week day afternoon filled with some activity. It looked like this:
Monday: Piano for Jack weekly, then Scouts/Heritage Girls every other week
Tuesday: sometimes baseball
Wednesday: Art, Science/Spanish Co-Op, New Church Launch Team (in fall)
Thursday: Molly’s Gymnastics, sometimes baseball
Friday: sometimes baseball (one practice/one game a week)

I hope to have more margins in our days starting this summer and into the fall. Time to just play, read, rest, and be together. Hold me to it?


One response to “homeschooling, part 2: adventures and activities

  1. Whoa – Molly looks so OLD in that gymnastics picture, and Jack in the Steak House pic. Ginny, though, looks just as widdle preshus as ever.

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