my life for his

“We have a God who knows what it is to sacrifice … {Christ} was rejected, humbled and emptied. He gave up his life in order to give it to you….

“When you let go of those things you have let define you all your life, you will not be left with nothing. The story of redemption and healing is that Jesus came to exchange my not-good-enough with his better-than-I-could-ever-imagine. He came to trade my life for his, my weak for his strong, my ashes for his beauty. He longs for us to receive the gift of himself.”

~emily p. freeman, from grace for the good girl: letting go of the try-hard life


One response to “my life for his

  1. This has been a week of not good enoughs for me…thank you for sharing this most excellent reminder that our identity is in Christ is truly better than I could imagine. luv you!

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