the swirling

it’s february and it’s almost 80 degrees and i am on my bright blue adirondack chair on my front porch with my little laptop thinking about things. about life. about marriage and friendship. and dark chocolate.

when i teach the bible to women i read my passage over and over, read the study book, listen to sermons, read commentaries and the thoughts swirl around and around in my head for a while. then before it’s time to teach i pray that God will make order from the chaos in my head and i sit down and watch Him put it all together. it’s beautiful, really.

i find blogging to be somewhat similar. except sometimes the ‘order from chaos’ doesn’t exactly come and there’s no deadline to post or anything like that. so the thoughts just swirl until they pass. but I don’t want them to pass. i want to reach up into that big swirl and pull out the story thought by thought and tell it. to not let the opportunity pass me by. but the chaos of life is real and the time is short. what’s a broken bohemian girl to do about that?

here’s what’s on my mind:

new life in Christ
college students
moving… or not
fear and trust

oh, and I might want to write a book. maybe.

i haven’t given anything up for lent yet. yesterday i forgot  it was ash wednesday and carried on as usual with coffee, chocolate and diet coke – is there anything of value left to give up? what I’d really like to give up is wasting time. maybe carve out a little more time to tackle these swirling thoughts. we’ll see about that.


7 responses to “the swirling

  1. What’s this ‘maybe’ about the book? I’m putting down my money for a pre-order, baby. Whatever it’s about, if you’re the author – I want it in my library. Let it swirl, BB, I love to read the bits and pieces. The subject of the blog is as equally exciting to me as what you’ve written. It’s always fun to read, always ministers to me. Always. So bring it! And about Lent, I’ve decided to give up procrastinating…tomorrow. xo

  2. You write it, I’ll read it. And edit it, too, with my red pen!

  3. You ROCK, my friend! Love you!

  4. Hey MB – I love the concept of “swirling” – so aptly describes what seems to happen in my head all of the time too. I look forward to being together in the mountains (hopefully in the relatively near future) and discussing some of those swirling ideas! If you give up any of those three – make it diet coke (yucky). The other two are wayyyy too necessary (at least in my life). xoxo

  5. My princess, you never cease to amaze me. You SHOULD write a book. The grace and beauty that is YOU comes through your words so clearly and wonderfully, whatever you are writing about. Just do it!

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