fresh start

Hi. Happy New Year to you.

I’ve been taking a little break (have you noticed?) and thinking about time. It’s a precious commodity these days and I want to invest each minute wisely.

Read the Bible today,  or blog? read the Bible.

Sit down and read with a child, or blog? read, always.

Go to the gym, or blog? gym, probably.

Clear out the sink full of dishes or blog? definitely blog.

So… this year? What will it look like here? It will still be broken and bohemian, that’s for sure. Beyond that, I don’t know. What shall we talk about, look into, learn? leave me a little comment with your thoughts.



2 responses to “fresh start

  1. Happy New Year MB and all of the H’s! I love the BB as it is – lots of love, family and good food! xoxoxo

  2. It will be rich with blessings from a gracious God!

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