for your christmas listening pleasure

As I write this, Ginny is sitting on the floor nearby ‘scrapbooking’ and singing “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” to herself. It is so cute in her little four year old voice. We’ve been hitting the Christmas music hard this season, with the radio station playing non-stop Christmas in the car, and Spotify at home. (ps, if you don’t have Spotify, check it out… it’s awesome! and free!)

Here are my top five Christmas Albums this year:

1. Justin Bieber, Under the Mistletoe. Don’t judge. I don’t have Bieber Fever but I do love this cd.

fave songs: Under the Mistletoe, FaLaLa, Christmas Eve

2. Chris Tomlin, Glory in the Highest. Worshipful, uplifting.

fave songs: Winter Snow, Born That We May Have Life

3. Diana Krall, Christmas Songs. This is one smooth lady.

fave songs: Jingle Bells, Let it Snow, What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

4. Harry Connick, jr., Harry for the Holidays. A classic.

fave songs: Mary’s Little Boy Child, The Happy Elf

5. Elliott Yamin, My Kind of Holiday. Remember this guy from American Idol? This one cannot be found on Spotify or iTunes as far as I can tell…not sure what happened to it!? I just had to order a used copy on Amazon!

fave songs: This Christmas, Let’s Be Naughty (and save Santa the trip)

What are your favorite Christmas Albums? What do I need to add to my Christmas playlist this year?


3 responses to “for your christmas listening pleasure

  1. loving Michael Buble’ and M. Ward’s She and Him Christmas CD…and also love Beegie Adair Jazzy Christmas….Diana Krall is so amazing and can’t be without my man, Harry!

  2. John Rutter? the Messiah? But I’m kind of traditional.

  3. Two people in this house have December birthdays and one of them got the Justin Bieber CD for their birthday, but I’m not going to say who because Ele might be embarrassed.

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