just call me oprah

I loved Hayley’s guest post on the Nester… A Favorite Things Party? Yes, Please!

And, seriously? Oprah gave everyone a car. If I could give you a car, it would either be this:

or maybe this:

Are those anyone else’s dream cars? I remember thinking in high school, all I wanted was a Ford Probe or a Toyota Celica. Super classy.

I was very happy to have five wonderful friends enter my little giveaway- so guess what? YOU ALL WIN!! That’s right, I’m slipping a wee little package in the mail to Mary Craig and Janet and hand delivering to Sheri, Jane and Ellen! And y’all are getting a chocolate version too!

Thanks for entering… and Merry Christmas!


5 responses to “just call me oprah

  1. Uhmmm…as much as I appreciate the prize (and I do! Trust me, I DO!), the main prize for me would have been you getting in your automobile and driving the 12 hours up to my house. Why you not driving to my house, hmmm? Well, I will eat your scrumptious candy and be grateful. And I will have an imaginary conversation with you while I do… (“Oh, now you want some candy?!” –“I will CUT yoooou.”)

  2. broken bohemian, you are so cool. i laugh out loud HARD when i look at the oprah guest getting a freebie!! seriously cracking me up. um. yep for the rover and the other fave is jeep grand wagoneer circa 1980s. they are they original swag wagon so far as i’m concerned.

  3. Oh, Janet Lynn, how I wish I could deliver it in person.. and go on the Chocolate Tour with you! And ride in an Amish Buggy! 🙂 Thanks for settling for my nut candy instead…. and every time I see my little nut baby on my Christmas tree, it makes me think of you and smile! xoxo

    And Shawna, I will roll in your wagoneer ANY day!!

  4. I’d like a sixteen passenger Mercedes Sprinter please.

  5. Scrumptious! Thank you, MB! I can’t believe you VOLUNTARILY went to the post office in the pre-Christmas insanity. I felt soooooo special!
    And, Mary Beth, never forget that yooooou are a nut baby…

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