grown up playdate

Earlier this week, Shawna and I rolled on over to Hartsville to visit our homegirl Karen. We loaded all six of our kids in the Burb (side note: we fixed it) and spent the day in the country playing with Karen and her five littles. The kids roamed the woods and played all afternoon, and the mamas enjoyed a yummy lunch and sweet time rocking on the back porch and eating Karen and Grace’s homemade caramel corn.

all 11 of ’em.

jack proposing to ride home on top of the car. not so much.

ben loved all of the big boy toys

hope is disappointed to learn that she cannot, in fact, come home with me

she resorts to bribing with camellias for a spot in the car

ginny works the hula hoop on the back porch

lunch. delicious.

the mamas. such a good, sweet time together.


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