goings on

So. Hi. It’s been a while.

November has come and gone, it really is hard to believe. It’s been a whirlwind of days and weeks, swirling by, off and away like the beautiful fall leaves. And now it’s Advent and it’s finally chilly and winter is almost here.

We’ve been up to a lot and I really do love to share it here, though this little blog is on the backest of the back burners while we ‘do life’ and keep up with our goings on. Here’s a snapshot of the last month or so:

We  had a wonderful, refreshing mountain weekend with Shawna and Jeannie’s families. This is our fourth year going together and it’s always such a sweet time. The kids just roam free around the house and yard, while we sit cozy and look at the fall leaves and drink coffee, or wine, depending on the hour of the day! Jeannie’s husband Kelly commented that it’s his favorite vacation of the year because there’s nothing on the agenda – we can hike, eat, watch football or do nothing! This year the guys held down the fort while the girls snuck away for a latte and ‘junktiquing’ … always such treasured time together, and I continued to build my vintage childrens reader collection.

My big, big boy turned 8. We celebrated at my parents house and they did the coolest ‘treasure hunt’ for him- a poem with clues leading to envelopes, each with a dollar bill inside. He had a big time finding them and then taking a trip to the toy store to spend them!

Halloween! My two Super Girls and their Ninja warrior. Ginny was rocking a 102 fever but channeled her super powers to get some goodies. This was the start of our month of sickness, with Ginny going to the doctor a record FOUR times last month (croup, ears and strep), with Jack bringing up the rear with strep throat on Thanksgiving night.

Speaking of that big boy, Jack had surgery in November. Back in the spring he jammed his right index finger badly while whacking a tree in the backyard with a stick, and  a few weeks later, this cyst appeared on his knuckle. The orthopedist said it needed to come out. The verdict? Foreign Body Granuloma AKA ‘piece of wood got stuck in there while tree whacking’. Yep, the cyst had plant matter in it. He wore a cast for three weeks and now has a lovely battle scar he can share with his friends for years to come. Boys will be boys…

Molly marched with her American Heritage Girls troop in the Veteran’s Day parade. The parade is always an incredible tribute to the brave men and women who defend our country. Jack loved seeing the soldiers and all of the service vehicles. Ginny loved the color guards of the marching bands! We even got a quick glimpse of Rick Perry who was campaining in town that day.

Jack and Molly had an art show. They’ve spent the fall in a homeschool art class taught by Miss Jackie at Tag it Art. They studied ‘Art Through the Ages’ and did everything from ancient cave paintings to painting upside down under the table like Michaelangelo.

Scott and I got to sneak away to New York City last week for a few days. It was a work trip for him and I just tagged along and enjoyed some shopping while he was in meetings. Here we are in Herald Square in front of Macy’s. I’m doing my best to blend in with the locals but it’s hard when you’re standing next to the only man in NYC wearing khaki pants. 😉 Alicia Keys was right when she said there’s no place in the world that can compare. A big shout out to my awesome parents who kept the kids for us, even serving as substitute homeschool teachers!

Well, there you have it. My blogging hope for the  month is to do some reflecting on 2011. It’s been a beautiful year for sure, with lots of lessons learned.


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  1. Miss you. Love your blog. Please write mine for me. :^)

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