let’s hear it for my boy

a little cheer for this tiny little infant…





EIGHT! Who do we appreciate?

You, my precious son. Happy Birthday!

Jack, age eight: devastatingly handsome. amazingly tall (105%). voracious reader. builder of all things lego. perfectly affectionate. not afraid to argue. growing in faith. curious about everything. incredible memory. a precious treasure to our family!

black and whites taken by the incredibly gifted Ally Breazeale.


5 responses to “let’s hear it for my boy

  1. precious boy. inside and out. i heart the birthday boy. xo

  2. Happy Birthday Jack!! With love from Great Uncle Saunders and LeeAnn xoxo

  3. 8 years old…crazy! Love to Jack and his family too.

  4. Happy Birthday Jack!!!

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