more garden beauties

We enjoyed our visit from the Swallowtail. This time, it was the Monarch:

And… Molly:

She sat perched in my lantana, still as a statue, just waiting for him to arrive. She was hoping that little bunch in her hand would bring him near. The monarch was suspicious of us and kept his distance.


2 responses to “more garden beauties

  1. Hi! Stumbled upon here from Fly Through Our Window and am really enjoying it!

    I loved reading how you came upon the name…sounds like we have some similarities! I have three boys, drive a mini-van(had to turn in the Subaru when #3 came along), quit shaving my legs for years, would love to homeschool but send mine to Montessori, and used to want to follow the Dead.

    Thanks for sharing your life in faith and with good humor. I’ll check back often!

  2. Hi, Kelley-Thanks for stopping by! Um, I think we could be long lost twins! I’m in Greenville visiting family pretty often- maybe our paths will cross one day!? Three Cheers for minivans and hairy legs! 🙂

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