just feeling thankful today for the Lord’s mercies, new to us every morning.

thankful for a husband who walks by faith and not by fear, and helps me to do the same. thankful for the Lord leading us in decisions we are too unwise to make ourselves.

thankful for precious friends who come alongside us in big and small ways- offering help to finish a painting project, or a car to borrow.

thankful for this incredible fall weather- good for my heart and soul.

thankful for a great haircut yesterday, and the way my hair smells all full of aveda goodness.

thankful for children who challenge me, drive me to my knees, and love me unconditionally. I’ve found myself loving them so much this week it brings me to tears. Like when Jack happily trotted off to piano lessons with his tote bag on his shoulder. Or how Molly stood in the kitchen in her mis-matched pajamas, drinking gatorade like it was the best thing she’d ever had. Or when Ginny hugs me and gently pats and rubs my back.

thankful for a neighbor who brought me a starbucks latte yesterday, just because.

thankful for meaningful time in the Word. We’re still doing our read the Bible in a year program, I’m teaching on the life of David to some ladies at church, and studying Deuteronomy in Community Bible Study. Probably more study/reading than I would normally choose at one time, but all so good, so rich and so full of blessing.

thankful for this pulled pork taco recipe: man, it was awesome and I can’t wait to make it again.

thankful for a God who loves me and pours out his blessings despite my many weaknesses and failures.

What are you thankful for today?


3 responses to “thankful

  1. You.
    God’s faithfulness.
    Beautiful weather.
    Pitching tents in front yard.
    Tracing leaves with La in the front yard.
    A husband who loves me despite all my shortcomings.

  2. For pumpkin everything, a run that is done, a bottle of wine in the fridge, a crazy and funny family, and of course, MBGH!

  3. YOU!!!!!!!! Thank you, Lord, for the amazing blessig that is our family!

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