It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It all started in the fourth grade ballroom dancing class. She had freckles and a short, curly hairdo. I took it upon myself to name her ‘Annie’- this girl I didn’t know at all, nor did I know her name. We didn’t go to school together. Me with my big forehead and bright colored dresses, she called me ‘Easter Egg Head.’

That was a little over 25 years ago.

Fast forward to sixth grade. We are now at the same middle school. She was in the smart math class. Me, not so much. But we started to hang in the same circles and started to get to know each other, through thick and thin.

Four fun years of high school followed. Young Life, football games, boys, riding in The Booger, lunches at Pat’s or ‘the freestanding Chick Fil A’. Spend the nights, passing notes, making memories. College came and went, we got married a month apart, we welcomed our babies close together.

You probably couldn’t find two girls more different from each other than we are. (We do, however, see eye to eye on Chardonnay, ahem.) Yet we could spend a whole weekend talking non stop about anything and everything. It is always a treat to spend time with her.

This girl, she is my hero. At 32, she showed breast cancer who was boss. She showed chemo who could run a half marathon. And every day, she shows fourth graders who loves them, even though they act crazy and obnoxious.

She is one tough woman. She is wife to her perfectly matched, wonderful husband. She is mama to two hilarious and precious children.

She’s an avid reader, What Not to Wear watcher, and an adventurous and creative cook. She’s a constant source of inspiration to me.

She’s my partner in crime, homegirl, 5k race buddy and best friend.

I love you, Suzannah. Happy, happy birthday to you! You are a treasure!

You have made known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. ~Psalm 16:11


11 responses to “Suz

  1. (tear) (no really, i’m teary over here.)
    (it might be the first picture doing it to me though. yes, let’s pretend that’s it.)
    happy birthday suz!

  2. Oh dear! You made me cry right before I have to pick my kiddos up from music! You forgot to mention how you have been my cheerleader and helper and supporter though it all – sitting on my front steps after my mother died telling me about pink sunsets, planting flowers on senior night, coming up and holding my first baby before I learned to eat one handed, sending me booty music recommendations for running (and being what I chase when we run), meeting me in doctor’s parking lots with casseroles, holding my hand and scratching my back when I got unbandaged, helping with my kids, driving me around, and SO MUCH more. As Annette once said – everyone needs a Mary Beth! Thanks for the years of love – I love you back!

  3. Love this post and LOVE our Suz too!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  4. Love you both to pieces! Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus! Hugs, Danal 🙂

  5. happy bday suz! such great pics!!!

  6. I couldn’t have a more grateful heart, my precious daughter. Mama

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  8. So glad you linked to this. I hadn’t read it til today….and the memories flooded in. I have always admired the simple way you two loved each other, but perhaps the best part was the way you two decided to impact your world. So grateful to have watched it unfold!

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