Just FYI












Some blog stats:

Most frequently viewed posts, in order:

pray for your child through the month
summer’s coming: make some basil dip
about the name…
recipe: charleston caviar
piece by piece 
joy’s thief
i’m not who i was 

clicks- from this blog, visitors most frequently went to:

ashley (s.)
ashley (l.)
peanut butter runner
ellen a.k.a. handmade recess

referrals- other blogs that sent viewers here (thank you!):

ashley (s.)
ashley (l.)
ellen a.k.a. handmade recess
today’s letters
gospel coalition 


3 responses to “Just FYI

  1. I always like when blogs post the weird search terms people use to get to the blog. Got anything?

  2. Just checked my stats this morning too. I was really surprised by the ones that were most frequently read!!
    Thanks for always being so inspiring!!!
    Miss seeing you!

  3. Suz, nothing too weird- mostly ‘broken bohemian blog’ and three recipes: Basil Dip, Charleston Caviar and the Caprese bites! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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