friday five

Happy Friday! Just a peek into our life as of late:

1. Lake Day with fun friends. Perfect weather, happy kids, good food and drinking beer while floating on a noodle in the water. It pretty much doesn’t get any better than that. 2. Bug started preschool. She loves it, and I am thankful for a sweet place for her to play and learn while Jack and Molly do school at home.

3. My friends Lorien and Suz both told me about Google Reader a while back. It took me way too long to check it out, but it is awesome! You load in all the blogs you like to read, and all in one place it shows you who’s updated or posted. No more obsessive blog stalking! They do it for you and it significantly cuts down on computer time, which is a good thing in my book!

4. Vote Brooke for President! For real. She could do the job better than anyone. She is my sister in law, my hero and my dear friend.

5. Things that I’ll post about in the coming weeks: (a) my 20 year camp reunion. it ruled. (b) our family getaway to Isle of Palms last weekend (c) an update on the bible reading resolution I made for the New Year (d) a recipe and (e) a giveaway, right here on this very broken bohemianish blog. Tell all your friends!


One response to “friday five

  1. I like that Bible reading plan- very sweetly worded! And it looks like I’m edging out ahead of Sarah Palin at least 😉

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