it’s back… Friday Five

Five things that make me happy right now:

1. Sisters that are best, best friends with their babies all matchy-matchy:


2. Playing in the creek with friends at the park on a hot summer day:


3. My bed. We go, go, go all day and sleep hard at night. This is for real what it looked like the other day when I got out of it:


4. My afraid-of-storms girlie getting to enjoy a thunder-and-lightning-free downpour and calling me out to come splash with her:


5. Iced Coffee. Iced Coffee. Iced Coffee.

This cold brew method is awesome and has cured me of my Starbucks habit. In a pinch, I use my Keurig and brew a strong cup and add cold milk to cool it quickly, then pour over ice. Perfect for a day when it’s a toasty 104 outside.


2 responses to “it’s back… Friday Five

  1. That photo of iced coffee is gorgeous!!! I don’t even like coffee, but it looks enticing… Nice job, MB!

  2. I can’t take credit for that iced coffee photo- just found it on a google image search … and I couldn’t photograph my own iced coffee, because it is gone too fast!! 🙂

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