the fam

Here’s a recent picture of the whole family- taken in Blowing Rock, NC a few weeks ago. Jack is 7 1/2, Molly just turned 6, and Ginny is 4. Scott’s almost 35, and I am 29, as usual.


7 responses to “the fam

  1. Great picture. Beautiful family.
    God is so good.
    PS I am now 39, as usual.

  2. MB, this pic is great with everyone looking at the camera with their beautiful faces! Feel so blessed to know your sweet family!

  3. Wow — amazingly perfect family photo!!! So nice to see the 5 of you together!

  4. I’m happy to stay 2 weeks older than you as long as you stay 29.

  5. beautiful. everybody. just beautiful.

    we’re back. can i get on your calendar? please?

  6. You don’t look a day over 25 here, MB. I think you’ve got several more years of 29 in you!


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