caprese bites

Most every Tuesday, we have a little gathering called Happy Hour and a Half. A very fun, low maintenance hang out time with our sweet friends the Strattons, the Neelys, the Casons and the Readings.

The rules are: come if you can, bring an appetizer if you want.  Love it.

Although we all look forward to getting together, we’ve all exhausted our recipe files for appetizers- which has been a fun way for us to get creative!

Enter the Caprese Bites. The idea was inspired by something similar at my brother and sister in law’s wedding in Greenville. Plus, I had a ton of basil that needed eating.

These are very simple but so summery and delicious. Just cut a block of good whole-milk mozzarella into 1 inch cubes and skewer them onto toothpicks with grape tomatoes and a folded up basil leaf. Drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and kosher salt.

Summer on a stick!


7 responses to “caprese bites


  2. I’ve been making the bruschetta from Annie’s Eats with our big tomatoes. I mean for it to be an appetizer but it ends up being dinner. 🙂

  3. Another set of gorgeous photos, Mary Beth!!!

  4. I am going to make this over the weekend! Do we need long skewers or do you think toothpicks would do?

  5. I think toothpicks are perfect for a little taste in one bite. I think anything longer might get awkward! Hope y’all enjoy them! xoxo

  6. They were a huge hit when we had some friends over yesterday afternoon – woo hoo! Thanks for the recipe!

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