Adventures in the Kitchen (and Patio)

This weekend we tried three new things I wanted to share. First, we made the Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken from this month’s Bon Appetit Magazine. We loved it- a very unique flavor combination + easy to make + chicken that’s not dry after cooking = win. Find the recipe here. (PS: if you’re like my friend Suz and don’t like cilantro, you might try this one instead.) (PPS: Do not be afraid of garam masala. It sounds fancy but it’s a spice blend with cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and coriander, you just get it at the regular ol’ grocery store. No biggie.)

I had wanted to dominate the grill this weekend, but I figured I’d just start with actually going out on the patio with Scott and letting him show me the ropes. Usually I’m inside working on whatever else we’re eating. We sliced the chicken and served it alongside a made-up couscous pilaf: Cook Israeli couscous in chicken broth and toss with sauteed red onion, garlic, red pepper, and baby portabellos. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and feta to serve. Yum!

Next up were Father’s Day Cinnamon Rolls. I think we’ve successfully de-throned the Fresh Market as the supreme maker of cinnamon rolls. These were pretty much amazing, and not nearly as scary to make as I’d anticipated. They did take some time, though. The cream cheese in the dough gave it an interesting tang. Not sure I’ll include that if I make them again. The filling was delicious. We skipped the raisins.

Why yes, that is a measuring tape. I’m a rule follower. Not.

I was eyeballin’ this one. But, me being the sacrificial wife that I am, I gave it up for my babydaddy.

Yes, please.

I know I said three things but Mama has promised a library trip and I’m too tired from downloading pictures to do any more. Two things I want to know how to do that I see out in the blogosphere: Make a collage (like this) and write on my pictures (like this). Any of my homies out there want to come tutor this wannabe blogger? I will pay you in cinnamon rolls.

We’re in VBS this week but I’m hoping to share that third recipe (another fast-easy- tasty appetizer) and *maybe* some workout music, although I’m still thinking about that. It’s pretty ghetto.


3 responses to “Adventures in the Kitchen (and Patio)

  1. MB. Try you can do a whole host of things with pictures there. =)

  2. Stop holdin’ back on that workout music. Homegirl here needs to jam.

  3. And PS, if you don’t have Give Me Everything (Tonight) by Pitbull on there, you need to hook yourself up.

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