little happy: impatiens on the windowsill

Ellen calls them small joys. I love that. Just something small that makes you stop and think for a minute. Take a breath and remember: the beauty of creation, the skill of the Creator, the joy that creation brings. Just a Little Happy, right where you are. Sunday, on my windowsill:

I come in the little things,
Saith the Lord:
Not borne on the morning’s wings
Of majesty, but I have set My feet
Amidst the delicate and bladed wheat.
~ Evelyn Underhill 


One response to “little happy: impatiens on the windowsill

  1. why are you so awesome? i heart you and your impatiens.

    news flash: i tried to move some of my lantana. it died. so i will be waiting until you can come over again and help me move that bigger plant that you said i should move.

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