Friday Five

This week flew by! I keep thinking, “Just 8 more alarm clock mornings… just 5 more alarm clock mornings…” We are so close- are you in the home stretch?

1. Suz and I got our pink on at the Get in the Pink Race two weekends ago. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, and we even knocked off 20 seconds from our previous 5k time. We were zooming, and we looked awesome in our matchy-matchy shirts (along with Suz’s sister in law Meredith):

2. Jack’s done with baseball for the year! It’s been neat to see these little boys learn how to play ball- they’ve come a long way from the t-ball days. Sometimes I can’t believe that giant boy out on the field is my baby boy:

3. Molly had a painting in the school district art show at the mall. She’s my creative girl! She is ‘bridging’ from kindergarten to first grade next week.  She’ll be joining us in our happy little school at home next year and we are so excited!

4. Have you tried Publix brand No-Sugar-Added Moose Tracks Ice Cream? Well, it’s the bomb if you’re trying to shrink your muffin top. Try some today! Special thanks to Allie Mac for introducing me to the deliciousness of a little dollop of peanut butter on top of my ice cream.

5. Only. One. More. Week. Til. Summer. Need I say more?  A picture’s worth a thousand words:

Happy Weekend to you and yours!


2 responses to “Friday Five

  1. I know you did not just post a picture where you looked super cute and I had my eyes closed. Irregardless, I always love racin’ with my MB, especially because you could leave me in the dust at any point but don’t. Also, it was 21 seconds we shaved, not 20. In the interest of accuracy.

  2. So sorry, Suzy!! Didn’t look at them close up enough to see your closed eyes 🙂 … I wanted an action shot- so I’ve updated it with this one! xoxo

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