For all of your investigative needs…

In case you missed it…

We had a very important event happen at our house: Hultstrad Detective Agecy – Grand Openin Today!

The info. Remember, no case too small.

Someone’s been reading… watch out, bad guys!


4 responses to “For all of your investigative needs…

  1. i love this so much.

    has he been hired yet?

  2. oh how i need this boy at my house….my keys, my cellphone. …they’re always going missing. what a cool kid. love him!

  3. Adorable! He has the pricing all figured out, too, and he remembered to cover those pesky “expenses”. 🙂

  4. Oh, boy! William and Henry looove Encylopedia Brown too! Henry especially loves making up his own Encyclopedia Brown stories at the dinner table (though they do tend to run a little long…). He also insists that we come up with some as well. It’s a fun dinner activity. You should try it!

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