Peachtree Rock!

Over spring break, we took the kids on a little hiking adventure to Peachtree Rock. Just another fun example of the cool outdoorsy places to visit here in our lovely little city. It was fascinating, and a beautiful (but hot) day to be outside.

It’s made of sandstone, and is now roped off to keep people from carving in it. There’s a lot of love on that rock, though. If I could have, I’d have put ‘I heart Scott” on it! 🙂 I guess if people keep messing with it, eventually it will tip over.

A cute little waterfall, and lots of rocks to climb on around Peachtree Rock. There is also a two mile trail that takes you through a burned pine tree forest, over some sand flats, next to Little Peachtree Rock, and you can see beautiful vistas of the sandhills.

Molly next to Little Peachtree Rock- she’s my little nature girl!

Happy Hikers! (this was before it was 96 degrees!) … check out Peachtree Rock next time you’re looking for outdoor family fun!


One response to “Peachtree Rock!

  1. 25 cents…PLUS epenses. That “plus expenses” part just made me laugh out loud.

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