It’s Friday, Friday…

Woot! It’s Friday! This last week has been bonkers and next week is completely slammed. I know you are all waiting with bated breath to read the next installment of the brokenness of this bohemian and I’m sorry to always leave you hanging. Okay, so maybe you’re not waiting, and maybe I’m just slack. But, it will be a little spotty over the next few weeks as we wrap up with school, travel and get the summer par-tay started.

1. Speaking of partying, have I been under a rock for the last three months? We were watching Glee on hulu last night and the song “Friday” came on. I’d never heard of it (which is rare for this closet pop music lover) and even Scott knew of the song. Apparently it is a You Tube sensation and this girl’s parents paid for her to record and make a music video. The song is full of useful and logical information: “Yesterday it was Thursday. Today it is Friday. We we we so excited. We so excited. We gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards…” Be warned: you will wake up in the morning and this song will still be in your head.

2. I have read two great articles about mothering and parenting this week. Read them here and here. Kevin DeYoung is a smart and witty writer. He spoke at our church recently and I never thought there was much to learn about Leviticus… but ever since I heard him preach I’ve thought about what he said about giving God our first and best.

3. Lorien has been getting her HGTV on and has transformed some pieces of furniture in her new house. She’s got me all interested in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as I look at a few pieces around my house I’d like to change. Lorien is one of the coolest people I know- her ‘just do it’ attitude inspires me and she has mad skillz in photography, sushi-making, kettlebelling, and party planning (and furniture painting!). Plus, she is totally adorable:

4. GinnyBug had a birthday two weeks ago! She turned 4 and we kicked off her birthday weekend with her celebration of life at school:

5. Another video. I can’t resist. This goes out to all the mamas out there:

Happy Weekend! Hope it’s fun, fun, fun, fun….


3 responses to “It’s Friday, Friday…

  1. Love the “useful” information in the song- HA!!!! You are a riot! I love you dearly MB, have a great weekend sista’!

  2. MB! You. made. me. cry. Gee thanks. 🙂

    I do love that pic and will definitely need a emailed copy of that, m’kay? Thanks for the shoutout. You’re sorta kinda cool in my book too. Let’s be friends.

  3. Oh, that song haunts me…I can’t even hear the word Friday without my brain launching into the whole song…

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