Friday Five

You know I love random posts on Friday. Why don’t we make it official and have us a little Random Friday List of five fun things here at the Broken Bohemian? Because life’s like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.

1. Speaking of chocolate… Have a look at these:


Um, can I get a reason to make these, please? Extra Points for the name.

2. So it’s May 6th and that means that summer is coming like a speeding freight train. We are pumped, and especially excited to get back to the mountains so Jack can keep working on his lean-to that he started over spring break. The master plan is making it big enough for all the cousins to fit in this summer!

3. I have this friend Kate who is rallying her peeps on Facebook for the “Every Day in May” Exercise plan. Thanks, Kate! Today it has been rainy and cold and I want to stay in my jeans and sweatshirt- but thanks to you I’m going to get my trendy shorts on and break a sweat this afternoon. Having some sweet tunes on my iPod helps, too.

4. Speaking of breaking a sweat… I can’t wait to run Get in the Pink tomorrow morning with my best homegirl Suzannah. She is a rock star, and one of these days she’s getting her very own post but I had to give her a shout out and show you this picture of the day she got a big haircut in preparation for chemo. For the race tomorrow she is going to be rockin’ some sweet ‘Survivor’ pink knee socks and it’s pretty amazing crossing the finish line with someone who at age 32 kicked breast cancer to. the. curb. 

5. Looking for something tasty to cook this weekend? Hop over to my neighbor Frank’s blog, The Salt Block. Living across the street from Frank and his wife (and my dear friend) Kristin has been awesome for the tastebuds and bad for the waistline! 🙂 They are the dynamic duo in the kitchen and sharing life and meals with them has been such a joy. I tried the Whole Wheat Pizza Dough from his blog and it was deeeelish. I’m glad to add a new (and healthier) pizza crust to my recipe box.

Happy Weekend!


3 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Awwww! I’m super excited and on my way as soon as Someone gets home from work! You bring the speed, I’ll bring the socks.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, MB!!! Keep up the good exercise work — wish I could run with you and Suz tomorrow!!

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