Everyone Needs a Marni

Do you have a Marni in your life? I’m so blessed to say I do!

She’s my go-to gal for all sorts of inspiration, and she is one awesome friend. The first day we began homeschooling, Marni brought me a ‘Teacher Appreciation’ Gift- a Starbucks card! (she knows my love language is lattes.) She is thoughtful, real, and has a great sense of humor. One thing I really love about her is that she. gets. stuff. done.  Updated pictures of her kids? Printed and framed. (me? 1200 pics on camera, only infant pics of my first child anywhere.) Fun little projects and adventures? Done. (me? discouraged by my long to-do list, doing nothing.) Impromptu library trip and out to lunch? Yes, please! (me? I’m reading blogs at home and eating PB&J.)

So, Marni’s kids have these adorable shelves by their beds to hold books, little notebooks and pens, magazines, etc. She’s got a few in her homeschool classroom too. I just assumed they were from some awesome place like Pottery Barn and figured I’d probably never get around to ordering them, or if I did, I’d never actually put them up. But guess what? They are VINYL RAIN GUTTERS FROM LOWES. When I told Marni how much I loved them and wished I had them for my kids, she said, “Great! When can I come over and install them for you?”

Y’all, Marni went to Lowes and got all the supplies, cut the gutters, bought the screws, came to my house with a bag full of necessities (drill, level, hot glue gun, hammer) and put them in, all in under an hour. The best part? The entire 10 foot piece, which Marni cut into three pieces (one for each bed) cost seven dollars. Woot!

Thank you, my sweet friend. It’s always a treat to spend time with you and an extra special bonus that you are one hot mama who isn’t afraid to use some power tools!

The finished product:

Here’s a tutorial if you want to build your own bookshelves. If you need some help, I have a great friend you can call. 🙂


9 responses to “Everyone Needs a Marni

  1. oh. em. gee. those are genius and adorable. consider this my notice to shamelessly copycat. thanks marni!!!!! i love that first pic. sha sweet marni. 🙂

  2. SO cool! So happy to say I have a Marni in my life, too! LOVE IT!

  3. I love it! Mama’s who make it happen!

  4. so fun! i love the mama team work thing going on here 🙂 ahh…and lowe’s is almost as bad for me as a an office supply store by way of inspiration. both are dangerous places for project birth and overstimulation! good stuff.

  5. bean. not ban.
    head lima bean.

  6. I DO have a Marni in my life! Her name is MBGH!

  7. Suz, you are too cute. I thought you’d like those bookshelves!

    Y’all, if you do put these up in your house, the tutorial tells you to glue the ends but does not list glue (or hot glue) in the materials. You gotta glue those ends on or the end caps will pop off every time they get a book out and the gutter will slide side to side.

  8. Nuh-UHH!! Unbelievable! What cool shelves. Please ask Marni to make the 12 hour drive to my house to install them. I will reimburse her for the 7 dollars. Wow!!

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