So, I’m not big-time enough to have a giveaway of my own…. but I wanted to send y’all over to Ellen’s blog by tomorrow for a neat giveaway she is hosting, featuring her friend Jessi’s awesome scripture prints.

Ellen is just one of those people who inspires me.  She has such a fun and fresh perspective on life. She is incredibly thoughtful in her writing. She is so very talented in the bags she makes. She is a precious friend, loves the Word, and points me to Jesus every time I am with her.

Stop by and say hi to Ellen. Take some time to read her awesome posts from March about wanting and waiting. And browse her Etsy shop- I carry her “Stuff Your Stuff” bag and get stopped almost every day with someone wondering where I got that super cool bag!? Makes me proud to know her.


One response to “giveaway!

  1. do you know what? i think you are so much awesomer than me. so much.

    i am so thankful for you. whenever we get time to visit i always leave wishing we’d had eons more.

    you are so dear to me.

    thank you for your kind words.

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