2010 Highlights: June (aka let’s get this show on the road)

Howdy, Campers! Let’s get this 2010 Year in Review rolling again… I’m ready to move on to THIS year’s pictures!

Jeannie, Lorien and I got together to plan some fun summer group activities. Our first stop was the Vulcan Rock Quarry right here in Columbia.

Who knew this giant gaping hole in the ground was just minutes from downtown? We loved it! Jack was in heaven seeing all the equipment. The quarry was so accommodating, renting vans to drive us all over the quarry for our tour. They gave the kids buckets of goodies when it was over.

Scott and I got to take a belated 10th Anniversary trip to Charleston. We stayed on Seabrook Island and enjoyed three wonderful days of chilling on the beach, reading, resting and long walks. We went into Charleston on the most humid day in the history of mankind and melted right into our seats at McCrady’s. Probably the most delicious and mind-blowing meal of our lives. It was fabulous!

Our sweet Mollywood turned 5! We had a very fun celebration with friends from school and church. We had a few ‘stations’ the girls could visit: coloring, making a clothespin butterfly, making a butterfly pouch necklace, along with a ‘find the nectar’ search in the front yard.

Getting crafty with help from our sweet neighbor Abby.

Although I originally wanted to make these cupcakes, I decided on a more realistic cake that turned out great! We also enjoyed cocoons (PB&J rolled in tortillas), Catepillar kebabs (green grapes with a red grape ‘head’), and little butterflies (celery pieces stuffed with pink cream cheese with pretzel twists for wings- thanks to Suz for that idea!)

The big gift: a Barbie bike! Maybe by her next birthday we’ll have those training wheels off and she’ll be zooming.

I also got to enjoy a quick trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida to visit our sweet Watsie. She married my grandfather when I was 13 and has been such a precious part of our family ever since. Watsie loved to visit ‘old people’ and brought laughter and joy to all she knew. She went to be with the Lord a few months after our visit and leaves a legacy of faith that we will always cherish. In her apartment she had some cocktail napkins that read: ‘The positive side of memory loss: You meet new people every day!’ – a perfect example of the great sense of humor she had.

Next up: July and more mountain adventures…. that way!


One response to “2010 Highlights: June (aka let’s get this show on the road)

  1. I love reading your blog. It makes me miss all of you so much! However, at least I get to hear about what is going on with y’all.
    I especially love seeing the sweet picture and message about Watsie.
    I hope to see y’all very soon!
    Aunt B

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