2010 Highlights: May, part 3

One of our favorite mountain activities is hiking. And what could be better than a hike with a beautiful waterfall? Using this book, we were happy to discover Tom’s Creek Falls about 20 minutes away from my parents’ house! We liked it so much we went back two days in a row!


Sometimes hiking causes you to ponder…

Deep Thoughts in the Woods

My nature girl with her Daddy

Bug working on her rock collection

Jack the Explorer on an old train trestle, previously used to carry timber

The only one brave enough to get under the falls!

Little flower girls (and ps, it might seem like a smart idea to let your kids wear whistles around their necks while hiking. Not so much.)

The Fam.

Next up: June… A special visit, a big girl birthday and another anniversary!



2 responses to “2010 Highlights: May, part 3

  1. How wrong is it that I keep wanting to put this caption on that picture of your hubby at the waterfall: “Ooooh! So Tingly!”

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