2010 Highlights: May, part one

May was FULL of fun as school came to a close and summer began!






All three kids got to pick strawberries at a local farm. YUM!








Jack loading up. We chopped and froze our berries in little ziplocks to use in smoothies.








Ginny had a blast. We also enjoyed making homemade fruit roll ups!






End of the year lake party… sweet sisters!







Jack at the lake party. I can’t help but think this is a little snapshot of what he’ll look like as a teenager. So precious. Looks just like his daddy.








Field Day! Molly bringing the heat in the bean bag relay.






Fast as lightning over those hurdles!








Molly’s ‘Celebration of Life’: the Montessori birthday celebration. She carried the earth around the sun, one trip around for each year of her life, sharing pictures from each year with her classmates. (we did it a little early since her birthday falls in the summer)






And, Jack finished kindergarten with the ‘Bridging Ceremony’! Hooray!

Next up: Our first summer mountain trip and a special anniversary…. but first, here’s a parting shot from my little goofballs:








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