2010 Highlights: April

April was a happy month with a birthday, Easter, Spring Break and TWO trips to the mountains!



Easter Sunday… 4 out of 5 smiles ain’t bad!



My Easter Cutie in a dress made by my mom (aka Lali)







Molly with our sweet Aunt LeeAnn on the mountain deck







Jack with Great Uncle Saunders (aka Best Mountain Rope Swing Pusher Ever)



Jack with my dad (aka BG) doing trail clean up after major winter ice storm



Family trip to Congaree Swamp. Such a fun and interesting place to visit, only 20 minutes away from downtown Columbia!



The swamp also has some very good looking wildlife.



The Fam at the Swamp Visitor’s Center



Scott’s brother Drew (in the yellow cleats) playing in the State Lacrosse Tournament in Columbia



Bug has a little birthday party with friends in the backyard



And another birthday celebration in the mountains!



The kids discover a new spot to play in the mountain yard… and spend hours setting up little plastic dinosaurs in what they call DinoLand!







Ginny learning to ‘puddle’ the tricycle on the deck. Happy Birthday, Bug!

Well, that’s April. Here’s your May teaser- we found a new waterfall! (Scott was the only one brave enough to get under it!)




4 responses to “2010 Highlights: April

  1. purdy, purdy, purdy. i am still in denial that she is four.

  2. Very fun! Keep the pictures coming!

  3. love, love, love all of the pictures!! I don’t know how you can ever say no to those incredible faces of those children! Luckily, I don’t have to. : )

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