this girl…

… has her mama wrapped around her finger lately. Is it because she’s my baby and she’s getting so big so fast? She told me yesterday she wants to be a baby again so she can wear footie pajamas and have a passy. And yet she never misses a chance to tell me that on her next birthday she’ll be ‘four and then five’. She is  sugar and spice all wrapped up into one little bundle.  Lately my favorite thing she says is, “Mama, after supper, can I have bazzert?” How can you say no to that? Yes, my little bug, you can have bazzert. As long as you keep calling it that and never grow up. My heart can’t take it.


7 responses to “this girl…

  1. She is so stinkin’ precious!

  2. Suz is right – precious girl. Like her sweet mama.

  3. Give that baby some bazzert!

  4. That little face kills me – so cute!!

  5. I am excited to see the darling picture of my precious great neice and look forward to more of the other “babies”! Thanks to your mom for telling me about this blog!
    I am also so proud of you and you really inspire me with your awesome writings .

  6. love her. little bug:)

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