I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because I’m a total failure at keeping them.

Every year my dear in-laws create a ‘theme’ for the upcoming year. We’ve tried to follow suit and do the same. In previous years we’ve had themes like ‘Simple and Delightful’ or ‘Fit and Fabulous’… just something to keep in mind for what you’d like the year to look like.

I’m working on the fitness and nutrition, trying to be my best for the Lord physically, although the Peppermint Brownies are trying to keep me down right now. And no exercise for two weeks because I don’t want to take my kids to the gym to get cooties. All that to say I don’t really want to make a resolution about health- I want my health to be about lifestyle and not rules. You know how I feel about rules.

But there is an area of my life that has consistently been lacking, ever since I have been a believer. Time in the Word.

I am so thankful to be married to a man who cannot function without Scripture being a daily part of his life. He sets such a good example for me, but sadly I resent his devotion sometimes because I am so undisciplined about reading the Bible and hiding it in my heart.

I think my ‘lack of devotion’ toward God’s Word is really not a lack of committment or discipline at all. I can be committed and disciplined to anything if I truly want to be. It’s really about FEAR. I’m afraid of the implications of what time in the Word might bring to my life.

Conviction. Direction. A call to let go of idols I cling to. Brokenness.

But I know what the Word would also bring: Hope. Peace. Freedom.

So, back to the theme. 2011- Deliberate and Disciplined.

In all areas of life, yes. But for this year, I don’t want to run from the Lord and the beauty of His Words breathing life into me. So I will keep up the South Beach and Spin Classes and all those other physical things I need/want to do for the new year. I will try to stay on top of the laundry and dishes and never ending clutter. I really want to tackle the mile long list of projects that will only take 30 minutes each but never get done … but this year, I want to be saturated in Scripture.

A resolution for the heart.

Not waiting until I am in bed at night with eyes half open. Not as an afterthought once the tasks of the day are done. Not read at an arm’s length for fear of what the Lord might have to say.

Eyes, Hands, and Heart Wide Open, Lord. I cannot even pretend to know your plans. But I know you have them, and that they are infinitely more wise and gracious than my own.

We’re going to follow this plan and use this study companion.

Here’s another neat idea for memorizing.

On a completely unrelated note! I am so happy to say I am now the proud aunt of my eighth nephew: Jackson Scott Woody. Born yesterday, and he is one handsome boy. Please visit my dear sister-in-law’s blog often and see the beautiful family and stories that she shares.

~When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, LORD God Almighty. -Jeremiah 15:16


5 responses to “Resolved.

  1. I could seriously get used to a daily dose of this wisdom. love the way you write.

  2. thanks for this! i’m glad you’ve started writing again : )

  3. I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with daily Bible reading too and want to join you in being more disciplined in the new year!! I just found a plan that I can subscribe to through my RSS/Google Reader feed, so it will show up every day — I never miss reading a blog update, and you would think I could be as good about GOD’s WORD!!!!!

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