not perfect, but that’s….okay

I keep waiting to post something until:

-i learn how to actually blog. i seriously am clueless.

-i get an awesome camera. still saving up for that. there will be a whole blog post about the camera situation.

-i magically become the Pioneer Woman, or Darby or Annie . or some other fabulous blogger.

-i have anything of any value to say.

-i have a blog that’s nice to look at. But that’s coming. my amazing sis-in-law is going to work on that for me, but she’s kind of busy with a one day old baby right now. Check her out sometime!

This is really typical for me. I do not, by any means, consider myself a perfectionist. But I read in a book I love (Sink Reflections) that our need for perfection oftentimes prevents us from even beginning a task, for fear that we will not complete it perfectly. Um, hello me.

I am reminded of some wise words from the recent Spiritual Life conference at our church, spoken by Barbara Hughes. “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly”… meaning that we can’t just not do something because we can’t do it perfectly. I mean, who am I kidding? I do not have mad photography skills like the Pioneer Woman, or decorating skills like Darby (and her sister Erika, please visit that site and drool with me), or cooking skills like Annie.

What I do have: a full heart, a desire to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and lots of inspiration from the world around me.

So I’m gonna try. Join me on the journey, won’t you?


6 responses to “not perfect, but that’s….okay

  1. alright, missy. crank it up and write something! so glad you told me that you’ve entered the blog world. i know that whatever you write will be a blessing!

  2. Sweet friend, I “heart” your heart:) It is time for you to crank out another post, k? I am thinking I am going to step away from being so serious on my blog. Bout’ to get crazy. Just sayin’:D


  3. Love the WordPress format! Maybe Pioneer Woman would like to come tutor us on photography and cook us something while she’s at it.

  4. Well, you’re ahead of me because you know how to do that fun thing where you type something and then put a line over it like it’s crossed out- how DO you do it??

    • It’s one of the options in the toolbar like bold or italics in WordPress… wonder if Blogspot offers that?
      Rachel, we are so excited about your SON!!!! can’t wait to hear the good news that he is home!!

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